Turbocharge your onboarding  process to help ensure success from day 1 & to maximise talent output.

Protecting your investment from day 1. Designed for any senior leader, manager, or graduate recruit taking on a new role, Stepwise provides insight and diagnostic information about the performance and effectiveness of both the individual and the organisation by combining personal reflection and 1:1 coaching throughout the first 100 days on the job, as well as a key insights summary outlining diagnostics and opportunities to drive organisational effectiveness. Stepwise is designed to support the new recruit to integrate quickly and successfully, in order to get the most value as early as possible.

What it looks like:

  • Support from a professional coach at the onset to prepare the individual & the organisation for onboarding
  • Up to x5 coaching sessions by phone with a coach to support you in the first 3 months
  • Access to a Stepwise personalised onboarding  journal as a companion tool to your first 100 days
  • Access to a professional coach and consultant to provide key objective recommendations to drive innovation & continuous improvement in your business


Pay off:

  • Protected and retained recruitment investment
  • Higher performance and value created from day 1
  • Higher Employee Value Proposition
  • Decreased risk of attrition
  • New insight to drive innovation to improve organisational efficient and save money and time