Leadership without impact is meaningless. CSR without impact is meaningless.

What is Potential²?

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Potential² is a tailored expedition that combines Leadership Development with Corporate Social Responsibility by delivering hands-on community projects centred around childcare education, health, or human rights. Whether you prefer a local breakaway in the UK or an overseas cultural immersion in places like Nepal, Morocco, or India, Connectwell has teamed up with Childreach International to deliver a week of support and facilitation on your leadership development journey, helping you maximise your social responsibility impact exponentially.

We are there to support you from beginning to end. We provide 1:1 and group coaching pre-, during, and post project to maximise leadership development experience and impact. Potential² is tailored for various groups including senior/middle leadership teams or graduate schemes. We help you bring your CSR promises and company values to life while multiplying the investment you make in Leadership Development. Not to mention, you are multiplying the development exponentially through the impact you and your team have on the children and communities you help and the footprint you literally leave behind.

Potential² is for:

  • Value-driven organisations that believe in authentic CSR
  • High performing teams who truly value development, challenge, and impact
  • Bold companies that want to make a positive global statement
  • Innovators and change-makers who want something new in the space of leadership development
  • Humble leaders who want to make a difference
  • Ambitious leaders who want professional and team growth
  • Lifelong learners who value self-awareness and awareness of their impact


How it works:

  • We accompany you through the entire Potential² journey to facilitate the maximisation of the learning of participants and the contribution received by your community customer
  • We provide the whole framework of leadership including materials, tools and processes so that all you have to do is commit to the journey and ‘do the work’
  • We are an experienced group who bring years of experience, training, knowledge and expertise to enable us to flex between coach, facilitator, consultant at will based on the need of the group and each participant
  • We manage the charity / volunteering partnership to ensure the experience is seamless and provides a unique and concentrated journey you cannot achieve elsewhere
  • We work with your organisations context and its needs to tailor the programme to ‘fit’ the culture and performance needs of the business


Payback: Return on Investment

  • A real world way to bring to life your values & corporate social responsibility by impacting on the life chances & opportunities of those around you
  • A unique leadership development experience that stretches, challenges, and grows leaders in a different way than any other typical or traditional leadership development programme.
  • A potential saving on your combined CSR / Leadership Development budgets
  • Improved leadership performance. Stronger leaders, better results.
  • A unique twist to your Employee Value Proposition (EVP) that enhances your reputation and standing in the employment market
  • A unique and deeper commitment to communities that you impact (either local or global) that enhances your reputation and standing in the global village with your customers, neighbours and other stakeholders
  • Leadership Development & skills in key capability areas that you bring back to base
  • A community based legacy and your fingerprint on the next generation globally