Conflict and toxic relationships are prevalent in the workplace. Connectwell disables barriers to success safely and with confidence through mediation and reconciliation. We help shift a fixed, counterproductive state of conflict to an open state of possibilities and opportunities through sensitivity, deep listening, objectivity, and perspective-taking. We diffuse, mediate, facilitate, and question in order to help resolve conflict and to build trust and more adaptive relationships between people.

What this could look like:

  • 1:1 Mediation
  • Group Mediation
  • Relationship coaching
  • Systems coaching
  • Conflict resolution


Pay Off:

  • Less time and energy wasted in poor working relationships
  • Understanding behaviours that work to prevent conflict e.g. regular feedback dialogues
  • Improved potential for effective team work
  • Understanding of how to have healthy conflict that generates solutions and innovation
  • Better company morale which facilitates a better working environment
  • Reduced stress as a result of overly-challenging relationships
  • As a result, higher productivity, performance, and engagement