We’re Recruiting!!!

As Connectwell continues to grow in size, we’re pleased to announce recruitment for 2 new positions:

Relationship Manager/ Senior Change Consultant:

If you’re a confident change agent with exceptional gravitas and E.Q., and are passionate understanding relationships and their dynamics, then this role if perfect for you! Connectwell is seeking an experienced practitioner with an established network and a strong ability to connect, support, influence and challenge others. You will have high levels of insight and intuition which make you sensitive to people and the change process, allowing you to collaborate effectively. For more information about the role and to apply click here!

Senior Change & Organisational Development Consultant:

This position is great for those interested in delivering exceptional service to customers by leading development and change projects, including bespoke workshops. If you’re a confident and accomplished change manager or consultant with experience in facilitation, development and/or coaching then this position is ideal for you. We’re looking for lifelong learner who can quickly and powerfully integrate experience and knowledge and make new connections while working with us. For more information about the role and to apply click here!



Our people are our most valued asset. They are what sets us apart and makes us inspiring to work with.

One thing we value at Connectwell is diversity. Diversity of experience and of thought are very important to us. That is why our team come from a wide range of backgrounds like business, sport, the performing arts, education, healthcare, and law. We’ve got a dedicated team – a winning blend of experience, energy and wisdom.

Our common bond is that we promote a culture that is open, positive and motivating to deliver change, and our belief in human potential and our desire to tap into it.