Connectwell Experience

Connectwell’s purpose is to help people build or reenergise effective relationships at work in order to achieve desired business outcomes.

We are a relationship company. We believe that by putting relationships to work, your success and potential as an organisation, as teams, and as individuals can be realised. The return on investment in relationships at work is inevitably higher engagement, team effectiveness and performance.

We support relationships at all levels: Self, Team, & Whole Organisation. Our offer is a unique blend of coaching, consulting, and facilitating in service of our clients’needs and the systems and relationships they are part of.

Connectwell has a carefully selected mix of People and Organisational Development specialists with a wide array of real world experiences and expertise. What binds us is our common belief in human potential and our desire to tap into it. Founded in 2006 by Steve Bernard, we are a London-based company with strong core values and a well-connected group of talented people.