Covid-19 vs. Culture – You Decide

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There can be no doubt about the devastating impact the global Coronavirus Crisis is having on so many individuals, families, societies and nation states. The true cost, size of human loss and suffering, economic damage is currently incalculable. While every effort is being made to control the pandemic and adapt to the medical emergency, its easy to feel completely helpless and go straight into ‘Victim Mode’ But there are going to be some real lessons available to those who run, manage and own organisations and companies both large and small. Many of those lessons will come from a diagnosis of their prevailing organisational Culture!

Ignorance is This!

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There is a clear and present phenomenon I have observed in organisations, particularly prevalent in larger / corporate environments. Senior Managers (those who operate with a high degree of internal political power) decide that they no longer wish to work with an individual; they either want to exit them from the business, they no longer wish to deal with them …

Crash Landing – Protection for the Many

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Just as the holiday season begins and schools shut their gates for the summer break, two holiday companies, Late Rooms and Super Break have collapsed and stopped trading Both companies are part of the Malvern Group. While most are covered in some form through ABTA, Atol or Credit Card protection, this still has a devastating effect, especially for the …

The key EQ traits we can, and probably should use daily in leadership

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Firstly, we need to ask – what is this magical thing called EQ? Well, for a start it’s not mysterious or indeed magic, but it’s effect can appear so! Emotional Intelligence (or Quotient) – EQ is the ability to handle ourselves and our relationships well; specifically, to recognise our emotions and those of others and to adapt and regulate our …

Unplugged Part 3: Inspiration is all around us

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Unplugged Part 3: Inspiration is all around us In our third instalment of our ‘Unplugged’ series, we explore some of the benefits of making sure you’ve taken that time to step away from your emails, smartphone and other technological distractions, and the benefits that this can bring.  When anyone talks of ‘thinking creatively’, we might picture a group of executives …

The Power of Belief

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A central theme at Christmas time is belief – from our favourite festive movies (Elf, anyone?) to Christian faith in the coming of Jesus.  When we feel a sense of purpose and hold on to a belief in something bigger than ourselves or a better future, we can achieve great things. As Daniel Pink recognised in his book Drive, purpose …

Unplugged Part 2: Using Cool Thinking

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Unplugged Part 2: Using Cool Thinking In today’s always connected world, so many of our interactions appear to demand an immediate response, with an implied suggestion that if you cannot respond immediately, you are simply not up to the challenge! In our second ‘Unplugged’ article, we pose the question: is this environment overwhelming us and starting to degrade our decision-making …

The Importance of Storytelling

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The Importance of Storytelling “‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house…” “Marley was dead, to begin with. There was no doubt whatever about that.” “Whenever I get gloomy with the state of the world, I think about the arrivals gate at Heathrow Airport.” We all love a good story. A tale that tugs on the heartstrings and …