The Portman Group


The incoming CEO had the personal ambition to transform the industry by taking a strong lead in the Social Responsibility space. The industry is often challenged by negative perceptions that detract from the important self regulation and watchdog role they play. We were asked to support their core team to provide clarity of purpose to actively influence the constituent member organisations.

Our Approach

Our approach was to come alongside the CEO and his core leaders to understand what they were trying to achieve and why. Our independent role allowed us to play agent provocateur and asking searching questions. The next step was to encourage the team to switch into the mind-set of the member organisations and other players in society, e.g. Government, Consumers, Lobby Groups. This helped them to learn to empathise with other perspectives and crystallise their own thinking. Finally we supported a lite touch engagement strategy to support a key inaugural meeting in order for them to get early traction.

Relationship Outcomes with Impact

Initially what was important was to gain internal alignment and clarity of purpose. By recognising great individual contributions and roles being played we encouraged the core team to speak with one voice. Relationship Outcome (RO) The team had a renewed sense of purpose and confidence going into the key meeting and were able to engage these powerful organisations as equal partners. Impact(I): The group now has a clear mandate and understands its role and mandate. Each constituent member also understands its own role and influence. Importantly the group understands the macro change at stake and is now looking at opportunities to collaborate and influence at a societal level without compromising their individual commercial interests.