Royal Mail

“One of the main reasons I like working with Steve is that he really cares……… about us and about our business so he chivvies us along in support of the most optimum solution even when we might see things quite differently to start with. He knows his stuff as invariably he is proved right at the end of the day! As a result of the time we have spent with Connectwell this year we now have an integrated and supportive leadership team with clear business vision and values which is helping us to move at pace with the transformational change essential for our success.”

Vikki Hawes – HR Director


The Midlands is the largest and most geographically spread Region in terms of volume of mail dealt with, revenue and is made of about 50,000 people. Each Region is managed and led as an independent business; however the entire business has to be one giant network that is connected by its very nature. Connectwell was asked to support the creation of a ‘Community’ of Senior Managers within the Midlands c. 50 people. This marked the beginning of the process of developing this community to both prepare the region for change and allow the Regional Leadership Team to step back and lead more strategically.

Our Approach

We worked closely with our Sponsor the Regional Director in advance. He clearly articulated the Regional Vision & Strategy. This was really about stepping back and leading strategically while handing the leadership role to this community. We started by spending time sharing that vision and discussing it at length – both challenging it and understanding its implications. The Regional Lead Team (Board) listened to sense the level of understanding and buy in that existed. The rest of the day was spent giving the community a voice including understanding what resistance existed. Day 2 of the inauguration was focused on re-engineering the relationship between the Board and the new Senior Management Community. This was a critical interface to get right requiring both very subtle and specific change. We then hosted the creation of a journey map to enable the first steps to become easily identifiable

Relationship Outcomes with Impact

At the end of the event there was an increased awareness of the size of the opportunity to work effectively with senior management colleagues across the Region. Senior leaders gained greater ability to understand the vision and future direction of RM Midlands; they felt they had the ‘right engagement’ with the Regional Leadership Team, and gained confidence in their leadership ability. The strategy was brought down to a very practical level that meant the results of the inaugural event were actionable from day 1. The Senior Leadership Team were able to step back and delegate properly for the first time. The Senior Management Community seized the opportunity to network and appreciate the ready made ‘personal development’ environment they had just created.