Glatfelter was involved in an acquisition and bought Concert (an airlaid materials business based in Canada). This created a new Business Division Advanced Airlaid Materials Business Unit (AMBU). Connectwell was brought in to assist with the team and leadership development of this newly formed business unit comprising of Glatfelter employees and those from Concert. Connectwell has been working with the top individuals in the leadership team for 18 months.

Our Approach

After working closely with the client to determine the exact needs of the team, Connectwell designed an approach that would fundamentally develop this team and the individuals within it. The team face structural obstacles – they don’t have much face time – some of them are based in Germany and some in Canada. The team has come together 8 times over the last 18-24 months. We employed techniques to enable them to gain greater self-awareness – Belbin, Thomas Kilman, which provided them with new personal insights, helpful for them as leaders as well as a team to get to know themselves as individuals

Relationship Outcomes with Impact

This work focused around leadership and team development and provided this team with a go to place where they could have a space to reflect, consider and learn. We encouraged this team to bring in their business context to the work – which helped their learning even more. The work Connectwell has done with the AMBU team has allowed them to invest in themselves as a team and form fresh relationships and ways of working collaboratively.