Beyond the Deal


Beyond the Deal (BtD) are a growing mergers and acquisitions consultancy. They have two full time staff and six associates located in the UK, Italy and the US. Business development means that they are having to work in new and different ways together. The sponsor wanted to help to support a culture of challenge, feedback and openness in the team.

Our Approach

After working closely with the client to determine the exact needs of the team, Connectwell designed an approach that would fundamentally build trust amongst team members. We employed techniques to encourage them to open up about where they were at as people and professionals in the business. This helped them find a starting point that was relevant to their experience. Feedback techniques were practiced using real examples which allowed them to address issues in their relationships that were affecting the business. Participants were also familiarized with their own personality preferences so that they could enable their coworkers to better communicate with them.

Relationship Outcomes with Impact

It was clear that the group learned more about one another beyond the scope that their professional environment offers. Connections were made around the value of family and shared interests that have strengthened relationships. The group also expressed huge value in the personality preferences work.