Baxter Storey

“ I invited Connectwell to support us as I have successfully worked with Steve in previous organisations. At that time we had a set of “values” which were no longer meaningful. Connectwell worked with a specially created group of ‘Communications & Culture’ Champions from across the business.

Steve and Tara helped us think through and create a more powerful expression of our core values in a way that goes beyond the conjuring up of some bland words or platitudes. That focused, productive thinking laid the foundations for a strategic engagement and communications plan which we are currently implementing.

What we like about Connectwell is that they are easy to work with, especially at the briefing stage; they get the subtleties of this sort of work and help you stay focused on what’s really important. Their professional facilitation meant that a short, sharp session was very productive and gave us the value we needed. Steve and Tara are energetic and pragmatic (didn’t try to force feed a particular “model” on us) yet are also highly insightful and challenging – a great mix!”

Lynne Graham, BaxterStorey