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Throughout our careers, we now face the prospect of changing jobs or even organisations more often than previous generations. The age-old question we then ask ourselves at the time of career transition is – can I really change or adapt to a different environment? In this article Steve Bernardexploresthis topic to uncover the truth behind whether leaders can really adapt while remaining true to themselves.


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  1. Insightful article Steve,

    Agree you certainly learn about yourself going through personal change- are your tried and tested techniques, developed over years as effective in a new environment? can you build a reliable network fast enough to get things done? Crucially can you ‘learn the business’ whilst simultaneously doing a decent job of ‘running the business’?

    From a leadership perspective gaining an enhanced (and current) appreciation of the sheer discomfort and stress of “adaptation” can only help us support our teams through change- comfortable on your lily pad? Maybe its time to seek out some scorpions!

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